Bad Relatives (2021)

Bad Relatives (2021)Bad Relatives (2021)
Genre: MILF, Alt Girls, BBC, Big Tits, Big Butt, Busty, Booty, Ebony, Family Roleplay, Gonzo,
Tattoos, Tit Fucking, Inked
Cast: Payton Preslee, Lily Lane, GoGo Fukme, Rocky Emerson

The Black Sheep of the Family is Always the Most Fun! Every family has that one member that breaks all the rules and is gossiped about behind her back. But the truth is, that is the person you look forward to seeing the most at family get togethers. Well the 4 beauties captured here love being the center of attention and even better, they love fucking people they shouldn’t! Tony Lovelocks is enjoying a nice, quiet evening home when he gets an unexpected visit from his rebellious stepsister, Payton Preslee, who declares she’s going to crash there for the night. He quickly learns that she’s been thrown out of college and plans to stay with him until she can reapply next semester. But since this is a one-bedroom apartment, that means they’ll have to share the bed! Although Tony’s not keen on the idea, he’s willing to reconsider the living arrangements once his busty stepsister starts getting frisky. Will Pounder arrives at a home and is invited inside by his sibling’s wife, Rocky Emerson. He’s kind of bummed since his sibling is away but he’s glad the wife is around to keep him company. But all that changes when Rocky starts casually chatting about being unfaithful while the sibling’s away! Will’s shocked but once Rocky starts coming onto HIM to get some much needed relief, well, there’s little he can do to resist her charm. Jay Romero is on the phone with his girlfriend but it doesn’t sound good. His girlfriend never makes time for him and it looks like he’s being shoved aside once again. He’s obviously miserable as he hangs up, the fate of their relationship uncertain. That’s when his fiery and protective stepsister, Lily Lane, walks in on him. She calls him out, warning him about how his girlfriend is dragging him through the mud. It’s clear to her that Jay’s girlfriend takes him for granted. In fact, Lily’s convinced that Jay’s girlfriend only comes to him for a booty call when she has nothing else to do! Even though Lily comes on strong, she only wants what’s best for her stepbrother… and that’s when she gets an idea. It’s time to fuck Jay HERSELF and send Jay’s girlfriend a video to teach her a lesson! Stanley Long is just finishing up with helping GoGo FukMe bring in the last of her things from storage. As GoGo leans over to start unpacking her new apartment, her juicy booty stuck up in the air, Stanley can’t help but to stare. Sure, she may be his stepmother’s sibling, but how can ANY man ignore an ass like THAT?? He accidentally starts to give away his inner secrets as he compliments how much GoGo and his stepmother look alike. The air only becomes more charged as GoGo shares some of the wild stories from their past. As she does, she can see Stanley getting turned on, so she turns up the heat, teasingly asking if he’s ever thought about fucking his stepmom. Although Stanley tries to deny it, when GoGo palms him through his pants, willing to help him live out his naughty fantasy through her, he finally crumbles

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Bad Relatives (2021)Bad Relatives (2021)

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